Real Estate Law and Planning Regulations

The firm is specialized in the areas of Real Estate Law, Construction and Planning. Specifically in all those legal implications of any Real Estate operation in the Balearic Islands whatever its purpose (housing, plots and land, offices, premises, resorts, hotels, etc.) providing legal advice, judicial and extrajudicial both to individuals and companies.
Our main goal is guide our clients through all the procedure of the real estate process, starting from the study of the legal situation of the property, negotiation, contracts and financing. Therefore, we have a big experience on the following matters:
  1. Advice, planning and execution of the real estate transaction (purchase, sale, lease, exchange, construction, etc.).
  2. Negotiation and drafting of real estate contracts (purchase option contract, purchase contract, deposit, etc.)
  3. Urban studies on real estate and fiscal planning of real estate investment.
  4. Advice, drafting and implementation of urban plans, compensation projects, cooperation and expropriations.
  5. Processing of town planning licences.
  6. Advice on authorizations and permits, construction rights, promotions and construction (shopping centres, industrial projects…).
  7. Town planning sanctioning files.
  8. Urban crimes and against urban planning.