Maritime and Transport Law

We have a great knowledge and experience in the Maritime Law and International Transport sector. Being a very specific branch of law, our academic training in Bilbao and subsequent job training, in Spanish law firms, allowed us to acquire a great knowledge and practice in this field.

  1. Legal advice for companies in the nautical sector.
  2. Boat/ship/yacht building, repair, sale and finance contracts.
  3. Administrative sanctioning files initiated by the Spanish maritime authorities.
  4. Boats/Ship/Yacht arrest.
  5. Maritime salvage, assistance and towing files.
  6. Tax advice to yachts.
  7. Marine and Transport Insurance.
  8. Personal Injury.
  9. Collisions.
  10. Pollution.
  11. Port Law and Administrative concessions.
  12. Legal advice on international merchandise sales.
  13. Cargo claims for maritime, road and air transport.
  14. Customs Law.